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CCTV over the Internet

To protect property from unauthorized encroachment, it is worthwhile to establish video surveillance at important facilities. People regularly encounter a situation when, upon arriving in the territory, they discover signs of hacking or become victims of thieves.

Features of installing a camcorder:

  • real-time monitoring of all events that occur in the protected area;
  • creation of archives with recorded video files, which, if necessary, can be carefully studied;
  • an opportunity to form an evidence base;
  • simple and quick installation;
  • affordable cost.

Features of choosing a camcorder:

  • Today, the market for video surveillance and security equipment is represented by a wide range of video cameras. There are cameras that transmit information over the Internet, cellular communications or work offline.
  • To establish video surveillance, you need to determine the model and functionality of the equipment. Before you go shopping for the best equipment, you need to study which areas on the site need to be monitored.
  • CCTV over the Internet

If you need to ensure the protection of a separate zone or directly at home, then one camera will be enough. When the question is about the integrated security of the site and the house, you may need a set of equipment with internal and external devices for installation in several zones.

The camera for external observation is equipped with a special casing and motion sensors. The casing protects the equipment from adverse weather conditions and mechanical damage. When choosing a camera, you must take into account its degree of protection IP, operating temperature and photosensitivity.

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