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Fire Alarm Systems

The head of the enterprise or the owner of any real estate should take care of protecting his property from the negative effects of technological disasters and intruders. Not only specially-trained people standing near the doors can ensure the safety of the room and all the objects that are in it. Modern technologies make it possible to ensure room safety thanks to specially developed connected subsystems into one system. Many people know fire response systems and alarm systems.

The main functions of the security and fire system are:

  • Monitoring the territory during the day
  • Detection of even the slightest fire at the facility
  • Determining the exact location of a fire or intruder
  • Information must be provided in an understandable form.
  • Responding to hacking and system breakdowns
  • Detector Failure Response

Security and fire alarms can be a difficult system and have a rather high cost, but according to consumer reviews and experiments, it is the only reliable electronic protection device.

Modern security equipment includes several subsystems that depend on executive functions:

  • Security - the device responds to any external penetration
  • Fire - the device responds to any signs of fire
  • Alarm - the device calls for help if an unexpected attack signal appears
  • Emergency - the device gives a signal in case of some emergency situations: gas leak, water breakthrough, water overflow, etc.

Each subsystem has its own set of strict goals. All subsystems are combined into one security system by integrating with each other.

Address: Moscow, st. Goncharnaya, 12, struct. 8
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