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Office video surveillance

The issue of employee control often has not so much an optimizing component and the desire to make the most efficient use of paid working time, but rather determines the degree of security and competitiveness of a company in the conditions of modern market competition and total corporate espionage.


  • Tracking not only from a stationary computer connected to the server, but also remotely from a smartphone or other device that has access to the Internet.
  • The data channel is encrypted, no one can intercept it, and you can not spontaneously connect to the cameras.
  • We can install video surveillance in an office of any complexity using cameras of various classes, operating principles and costs: analog, IP cameras, 3G / 4G with or without motion sensors.
  • The ability to notify the owner of the response of the cameras and many, many others - it all depends on the specific requirements and needs of the client.


Installing CCTV cameras in the office most often takes a day or two, while the interior of the office is not changed, the cameras remain almost invisible. After installing the system, the manager or person in charge of the company in real time can always monitor what is happening in the office, even if he is located on another continent.

As a rule, the installation of video surveillance in the office for employees is already a significant factor in improving labor efficiency and responsible attitude to their own functionality.

Address: Moscow, st. Goncharnaya, 12, struct. 8
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