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Organization of access control  

Checkpoint (as part of the security system) must comply with applicable law, the charter of the enterprise, as well as other regulatory legal acts regulating the activities of the enterprise.

The main objectives of creating access control are:

  • protection of the legitimate interests of the enterprise, maintenance of internal management;
  • protection of property of the enterprise, its rational and efficient use;
  • growth of enterprise profits;
  • internal and external stability of the enterprise;
  • protection of trade secrets and intellectual property rights.

Checkpoint mode as part of the security system allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • ensuring the authorized passage of employees and visitors, import (export) of products and material assets, rhythmic work of the enterprise;
  • prevention of uncontrolled penetration of unauthorized persons and vehicles into protected areas and into individual buildings (premises);
  • timely identification of threats to the interests of the enterprise, as well as potentially dangerous conditions conducive to causing material and moral damage to the enterprise;
  • the creation of reliable guarantees to maintain the organizational stability of the external and internal relations of the enterprise, the development of a mechanism for the rapid response to threats and negative trends;
  • suppression of attacks on the legitimate interests of the enterprise, the use of legal, economic, organizational, socio-psychological, technical and other means to identify and mitigate sources of threats to the security of the enterprise.

The access control regime can be defined as a system of providing normative, organizational and material guarantees for identifying, preventing and combating attacks on the legal rights of an enterprise, its property, intellectual property, production discipline, technological leadership, scientific achievements and protected information, and as a set of organizational and legal restrictions and rules establishing the procedure for passing through the checkpoints of facility employees, visitors, transport, and aterialnyh values.

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