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CCTV and access control service

The Commercial Security Center Group of Companies utilizes an advanced system of video surveillance and access control services, a system that significantly extends the usual capabilities of security services.

We understand how important it is today to protect our property, company, employees, our life - therefore, along with traditional security services, we install special technical systems.

The video surveillance and access control service is a technological system that operates on the basis of electronic control and video surveillance systems. They are combined into a single network, which allows a comprehensive approach to work in several directions at once.

We see that many objects, for example, large shopping centers, are not equipped with an integrated video surveillance and security system. These functions are separated and do not have a common system - for example, the control room, the video surveillance service and the security service all operate independently of each other.

We approach the issue comprehensively and combine these functions into one system. Special hardware and software make it possible to automatically agree on the passage of vehicles into the territory, employees or guests, as well as provide control over the work of personnel and the movement of property. At the same time, the same head of security who before was constantly performing menial tasks connecting the dots, will now be able to calmly fulfill his immediate duties.

Our access control system will allow you to more effectively manage the facility, save on staff and organize access to the facility using the most modern electronic systems.

It is also ideal for remote security at facilities where the presence of physical security is not necessary. It is enough to install cameras, motion sensors and other necessary technical security equipment, which are monitored by specialists of the monitoring service remotely. In the event of a sensor triggering, a specialist will immediately respond and call the appropriate service. Rapid response to alarms is carried out by their own mobile armed rapid response groups.

The Commercial Security Center Center group of companies is ready to install video surveillance and access control systems at various facilities and guarantees the promptness, quality and professionalism of employees.

Moscow, Lomonosovsky prospect 2, 43
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