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Object and property securit

The Center of Commercial Security group of companies offers comprehensive services for the protection of objects and property.

Only a person who has little interest in security issues would assume that choosing a particular facility to provide protection would be a simple and effortless action. In order to perform our work at the highest level and guarantee the client the security of his property, possessions or life, we perform a number of actions, together leading to an unsurpassed result.

First we conduct a full audit of the object in order to identify all the needs of the client and offer him the best option, calculated individually for each specific case.

Indeed, you must admit, the protection of a mass event, or, say, a private house, are two completely different things. But they are united by one thing - high quality European standards, according to which our specialists work.

Over more than 10 years of history, the Center for Commercial Security Group of Companies has gained solid experience in a wide variety of areas - from protecting cultural and historical heritage sites to cottage villages, public events, or transport infrastructure facilities.

All of them are provided with interactive communication with our "Center for rapid response." In the event of an emergency, we send both security guards and, if necessary, an armed rapid response group to the facility. By the way, their departure is included in the price of security services.

Our employees constantly improve their skills, undergo training, including using official weapons and special equipment, and regularly undergo medical and psychophysiological examinations.

In our work, we use innovative approaches - For our customers we install a special application or computer program on the phone, with the help of which you will see your object’s security and protocols of security measures in real time.

If necessary, we will provide the facility with guard and controllers of CCTV cameras, and establish perimeter patrols. Additionally, a mobile patrol, an armed quick reaction group, a mobile video surveillance system or a dog handler with a trained attack canine will be involved. With the Group of Companies "Center for Commercial Security" you can be calm about your property and objects. Entrust your safety to the professionals!

Types of Protected Objects

Объекты торгово-развлекательной сферы
Protection of retail and entertainment facilities
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Деловые и офисные центры
Security of hotels, business and office centers
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Охрана объектов образовательной сферы
Protection of educational facilities
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Охрана органов власти
Protection of government facilities
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Охрана объектов строительства
Construction site security
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Объекты промышленности и складские комплексы
Protection of industrial facilities and warehouse complexes
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Охрана жилых комплексов
Protection of residential complexes
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Массовые мероприятия
Mass Event Protection
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Объекты транспортной инфраструктуры
Protection of transport infrastructure
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Moscow, Lomonosovsky prospect 2, 43
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