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Personal protection (protection of life and health)  

A popular service that the Center of Commercial Security Group of Companies offers its customers is personal security.

In the modern world, personal protection is not a status attribute, but a real way to protect yourself. In the past only political figures needed bodyguards, today the circle of those who require a guard has expanded significantly.

In the Commercial Security Group a Department for Special Security Measures was created. Depending on each specific situation and the degree of the threat, its specialists work out a route of movement, places to inspect, and collect additional information about potential threats. Only after having worked through all the nuances in advance and having carried out the analysis, a personal guard is selected, equipment with technical means and weapons are determined, and a protocol for conducting security measures is developed.

Personal protection consists of two types - hidden and explicit protection. A hidden personal guard is a specially trained person who is always there, but does not attract attention.

Explicit protection is visible to everyone, and this also plays a kind of warning role. They often frighten offenders only with their appearance.

Regardless of which protection you choose, you can be sure of one thing: all of our specialists have passed psychophysiological study, work according to a strict protocol of actions and undergo special training to increase stress resistance.

Our employees are fluent in Sambo, hand-to-hand combat and firearms, and use only modern personal protective equipment in their work.

Specialists are fully equipped with everything necessary - firearms, bulletproof vests, protective equipment, means of communication with the Center for rapid response and emergency assistance. A personal security guard can work according to a schedule convenient for you - 12 hour or 24 hour.

At the same time, we guarantee that each employee will be selected in accordance with the specific situation.

Entrust your life to professionals with the Center for Commercial Security Group of Companies!

Moscow, Lomonosovsky prospect 2, 43
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