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Construction site security  

Any construction site is a developing facility that changes quite quickly - for example, if at the very beginning of the project only a foundation pit was dug in the territory, then very soon a building will grow there, internal and external work will be carried out, more and more people and equipment will appear.

The Group of Companies “Commercial Security Center” offers a comprehensive approach to the organization of security at any construction site.

The main task here is to provide perimeter security. Engineering and technical security facilities at such facilities are often not enough, so security posts should be located around the entire perimeter of the territory.

Unfortunately, it often happens that it is at these facilities that workers simply leave tools, equipment, materials through the fence, or strangers enter the site. Therefore, patrolling the territory and perimeter security is vital.

Also, at any construction site, we recommend that special attention be paid to the access control mode using special means, such as a metal detector.

In addition, more attention should be paid to the protection of warehouses, which are on almost every construction site.

A well-organized security will also ensure the safety of workers, employees at the facility, and the construction towns where they live.

The Center of Commercial Security group of companies also has extensive experience in organizing security during road construction. Not everyone knows, for example, that security cars of such objects must have special signals, and also many other equally important nuances must be taken into account.

Entrust the safety of your construction site to professionals, and you will be confident in the protection of equipment and materials, in the safety of people's lives and the safety of your property.

The Group of Companies “Commercial Security Center” has gained vast experience in ensuring the protection of such facilities at the highest level in compliance with all work regulations and quality standards that are found through out Europe.

The Center for Commercial Security group of companies offers its customers to conduct an audit of the company's internal security for free:

  • Operational determination of the most vulnerable places in a holistic system of both physical and technical protection
  • Analysis of engineering and technical strength of facilities and the state of technical security equipment
  • Full security analysis
  • Covert security check of all security service providers
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