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“The most important thing is not to skimp on security.” These words belong to the famous Soviet statesman, Professor Georgy Alexandrov. Indeed, what could be more important?

In his fast-paced rhythm of life, a modern man especially needs peace of mind - he wants to know that his property family and friends are safe. Therefore, today it is so important to properly organize security at home, office, or any other institution - entrust this task to professionals.

But perhaps most of all we care about our children. When we drop a child to school or accompany a student to a lecture in the morning, we always unconsciously worry - will they be safe? Will security come to your childs aid in an unforeseen situation? Is the kindergarten, school or university protected in good quality?

That is why special attention is paid to the protection of educational facilities. The Group of Companies “Commercial Security Center” is ready to provide high-quality security services for both public and private educational institutions.

For more than a decade of experience in the security services market, we have accumulated serious experience in organizing an effective security system. And we are talking about a variety of objects in scale - from small private kindergartens to the largest metropolitan universities.

Before starting work, we always analyze each specific object, its features, & who visits it. It is no secret that schoolchildren and students are a special contingent, and they need their own approach. We propose to provide such facilities with employees who have relevant experience working with children or teacher training.

Also an excellent solution in this case will be the organization and management of the video surveillance service and access control.

Do not be afraid to trust the professionals and give us the opportunity to organize the protection of the educational institution at the highest level, taking into account all the peculiarities, because the Group of Companies “Commercial Security Center” works under the motto “Your safety is our concern!”

The Center for Commercial Security group of companies offers its customers to conduct an audit of the company's internal security for free:

  • Operational determination of the most vulnerable places in a holistic system of both physical and technical protection
  • Analysis of engineering and technical strength of facilities and the state of technical security equipment
  • Full security analysis
  • Covert security check of all security service providers
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Moscow, Lomonosovsky prospect 2, 43
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