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“The one who is on the alert is the most secure, even when there is no danger,” the famous statesman Vence Cyrus said many years ago. And to this day, this phrase does not lose its relevance. Always be on the lookout, take care of the safety of your family, home, life and health, business or enterprise - it has become the norm for a modern person.

The security market is growing and developing, and with it the quality standards of companies are being formed. Today we want to see at our facility a strong, attentive guard in neat uniform. We want to be sure that our house or office is under reliable protection and unwanted guests will not rush to us. We want to understand that for our money we will receive a high-quality service, individually selected for the tasks.

We want to calmly go about our business, relax, build a business, knowing that professionals are responsible for security.

We believe that everyone should do their own thing. That is why our motto is “Your safety is our concern.”

The Center of Commercial Security group of companies has been operating in the market for over 12 years. Today it is one of the largest consortia uniting several licensed security companies and security companies at once.

Cooperating with the Center of Commercial Security Group of Companies, you get a range of high-quality services and you can be sure: we will solve all the tasks we have set at the highest level.

We provide our customers with all the necessary range of services. This is the protection of objects and / or property, console security, installation and maintenance of engineering and technical security equipment, the protection of public events and personal security.

We also have a “Rapid Response Center" that allows us to respond to any alarm as soon as possible.

In addition, we offer a number of related services, such as audit of safety at enterprises, ensuring economic security, cargo escort.

Having accumulated practical experience and knowledge, we have created our own unique methodology and strategy. Our work is based on an individual approach, compliance with the highest quality standards and integrated solutions. All this can make your life calm and comfortable.

Entrust your security to professionals!

The Center for Commercial Security group of companies offers its customers to conduct an audit of the company's internal security for free:

  • Operational determination of the most vulnerable places in a holistic system of both physical and technical protection
  • Analysis of engineering and technical strength of facilities and the state of technical security equipment
  • Full security analysis
  • Covert security check of all security service providers
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Moscow, Lomonosovsky prospect 2, 43
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