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Security Monitoring Service

The Center of Commercial Security group offers its customers a range of remote security services - installation and maintenance of alarm and fire alarm systems, monitoring and response to alarms.

Modern systems of remote control provide not only protection against penetration into the protected area, but also help prevent fire, timely detect smoke, and leakage of water or gas.

Various configurations of our security equipment can be integrated into the smart home system and controlled both from the panel itself and through a special application on your smartphone.

At the same time, it is extremely important that the employees of the engineering and service department, as well as those involved in the installation of equipment, have the appropriate education and qualifications. In our experience, almost 70-80% of success depends on this! We guarantee: our experts delve into the specifics of each facility, know everything about the principles of operation of this or that equipment, and offer the client an optimal complex plan, taking into account the specific situation.

The central monitoring console is located in our Monitoring Service and works with all domestic and foreign alarms. Why do we focus on this? The fact is that each alarm system has its own software, and not all security companies have the ability to connect them to their remotes.

The main types of services:

Реагирование на сигналы тревоги
Alarm response
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Тревожная кнопка
Alarm button
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Охранная сигнализация
Security alarm
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In the Center of Commercial Security group we work with absolutely all systems, providing the client with full alarm functionality.

To ensure the complete safety of your facility, we have created a rapid response center. Its staff includes mobile armed crews of quick response groups, as well as forces in the form of crews of partner private security organizations, crews of the Russian Guard and police. All of them are able to quickly come to your aid anywhere in the country!

This set of measures allows us to provide our customers with turnkey security services. The task of the Center for Commercial Security Group of Companies is to ensure maximum protection of your property, life or health with all the means and resources available in our arsenal!

Types of Protected Objects

Объекты торгово-развлекательной сферы
Protection of retail and entertainment facilities
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Деловые и офисные центры
Security of hotels, business and office centers
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Охрана объектов образовательной сферы
Protection of educational facilities
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Охрана органов власти
Protection of government facilities
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Охрана объектов строительства
Construction site security
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Объекты промышленности и складские комплексы
Protection of industrial facilities and warehouse complexes
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Охрана жилых комплексов
Protection of residential complexes
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Массовые мероприятия
Mass Event Protection
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Объекты транспортной инфраструктуры
Protection of transport infrastructure
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The Center for Commercial Security group of companies offers its customers to conduct an audit of the company's internal security for free:

  • Operational determination of the most vulnerable places in a holistic system of both physical and technical protection
  • Analysis of engineering and technical strength of facilities and the state of technical security equipment
  • Full security analysis
  • Covert security check of all security service providers
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Moscow, Lomonosovsky prospect 2, 43
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