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Physical security

Employees of the GC "Center for Commercial Security" are distinguished by special training and education, including the use of special tools. They have permission to store and carry service weapons, and also systematically undergo medical and psychophysiological examinations.

The experience and knowledge gained during the implementation of various projects in this segment contributed to the creation of our own methodology, which allows us to set high standards for ensuring the safety of our customers' main production processes.

During the audit of the object of protection, the client's security needs are identified, this is the first step to determine a personal solution. Therefore, we study and analyze the situation of each client in order to most effectively implement a particular project, whether it is the protection of a building, construction site, site, mass event or ensuring the safety of the enterprise’s production process.

All security facilities are equipped with interactive communication with our «Rapid Response Center», which is able to respond in real time to a particular emergency situation.

Introducing an innovative approach and high technology in the process of conducting security measures, we allow the Customer to remotely view the degree of protection of the object of protection in real time using the program or mobile application and get acquainted with the protocol of security measures, including photo and video files.

Предложение о сотрудничестве 2022 .PDF

Moscow, Lomonosovsky prospect 2, 43
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