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Complex security services for home and business

Center of Commercial Security

Working successfully since 2008, the Group of companies "Center of Commercial Security" has become one of the largest consortia in Russia, which includes a number of licensed security enterprises and companies working in the sector of safety and security arrangements.

Representing a single business structure, the Group of Companies allows its clients, within the framework of the current Russian legislation, to solve the tasks of providing integrated safety and security in the most effective way.

The group of companies has an extensive experience in securing the protection of facilities in the educational sphere, historical heritage and culture, objects of the Moscow government, trading and entertainment environment, business and office centers, construction of residential developments, transport infrastructure facilities, industrial and warehouse facilities, tourism, suburban settlements, as well as the protection of public events.

"Your peace is our concern" - in these words there is the key feature of our work.

All our efforts are focused on creating and retaining excellence, through comprehensive and specialized solutions based on flexibility, innovation and quality. The Group of companies employs more than 1500 specialists of different specializations.

The main activities of the Group of companies are physical protection and console security system.

Group of companies "Center of Commercial Security" offers its customers a free audit of the company's internal security:

  • The operational definition of the most vulnerable places in the whole system, both physical and technical security
  • Analysis of engineering and technological safety of the objects and the state of security equipment
  • Full analysis of the activities of security services
  • Hidden check on the trustworthiness of all the suppliers in the field of security services
Mission of the Group of Companies
With the help of the best industry experts and high-tech solutions, provide each customer with a reliable, security-quality and efficient services
Rapid Response Center
Monitoring Service, on duty twenty-four hours of the own mobile and armed rapid response team, and create conditions that meet all our customers' expectations
Strategy of the Group of Companies
Relying on high standards of quality and innovation in all our products and services, we strive to become a leader in the security business
Partnership agreements with the police, Rosgvardiey and other security organizations throughout the territory of the Russian Federation
Address: Moscow, st. Goncharnaya, 12, struct. 8
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