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Service of administrators

The Commercial Security Center Group of Companies offers its customers a range of services that are personally suitable for your business and for your needs.

The service of administrators, concierges and dispatchers is a modern security system that closes several important areas at once, such as receiving clients, informing, policing and ensuring security.

As our practice shows, more and more people choose this combined type of security for their facilities.

This is ideal for hotels, office and shopping centers. A similar practice came to us from European countries, where behind the registration desk you can see several guards in uniform performing many other useful functions at the same time.

The Group of Companies “Commercial Security Center” offers for you to take advantage of European experience and organize a concierge service with security according to the highest quality standards.

This approach to security is both convenient and will significantly saves costs. Our employees will not only answer the visitor’s question, they will register an incoming mail or reserve a rooms for business meetings, and in case of an emergency they can provide first aid.

Such an employee is a reflection of your company and the first person you meet when crossing the threshold of an office center or hotel. Therefore it is so important to transfer these functions to professionals.

The presence of qualified security guards at the reception gives employees and guests a sense of security and tranquility when you are confident in your security guard and know that the person at the reception desk will not only politely answer any question from the visitor, but also will quickly respond to emergency situations.

Our specialists regularly undergo further training, including not only training and certification, but also the study of innovations of equipment manufacturers with whom they will work. We guarantee an impeccable attitude to work, professionalism and reliability, because we understand that first impressions are very important.

Thus, budget savings, convenience and reliability - these are the “three pillars” on which the concierge service, administrators and dispatchers are supported.

The Center for Commercial Security group of companies offers its customers to conduct an audit of the company's internal security for free:

  • Operational determination of the most vulnerable places in a holistic system of both physical and technical protection
  • Analysis of engineering and technical strength of facilities and the state of technical security equipment
  • Full security analysis
  • Covert security check of all security service providers
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Moscow, Lomonosovsky prospect 2, 43
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