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Home Security System  

Video surveillance in the house foresees the use of video cameras both indoors and outdoors. Designed to monitor hired personnel (nanny, tutor, maid, etc.), monitoring the level of quality of their performance of their duties.

General recommendations:

  • The number of objects to be monitored;
  • The number of cameras (using one camera at the same time, you can monitor several objects at once);
  • The distance from the cameras to the observed objects;
  • Models of video cameras and their location;
  • The method of organizing video surveillance (remote, local);
  • Type of camcorder location (hidden, open);
  • Video archive storage time, etc.

The video surveillance system for a private house allows you to simultaneously look after children playing or sleeping in other rooms and do their own thing. Home security cameras are also used as a security system, which maintains a high level of home security.

Connecting a video surveillance system to the Internet allows you to configure remote access. This means that there is no difference where you will be (at work, on vacation or a business trip, in your own country or anywhere else in the world), you can always be aware of what is happening in your house.

Types of Services:

  • Outdoor video cameras - it is important to choose the correct temperature mode of operation, the degree of protection, and possibly the anti-vandal housing.
  • IR illumination - video surveillance of a country house is carried out even in the absence of lighting.
  • Varifocal lens - is responsible for approaching an object, recognition of vehicle numbers.
  • Wireless video cameras - the cottage will not be entangled with extra wires. However, even wireless data transfer does not eliminate the need to connect cameras to power via an electric wire.
  • Microphones - external or built-in audio devices will allow not only to see what is happening, but also to hear.
  • Online access to the system - a country house will always be under supervision.

Today, there are many ways and high-tech devices that allow you to independently mount at home a convenient, modern and multi-functional video surveillance system.

Address: Moscow, st. Goncharnaya, 12, struct. 8
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