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Object security is one of the most popular private security services in Moscow. Unfortunately, modern life is such that the theft of valuable property, crimes against the person take place almost anywhere and it is necessary to take all possible measures in advance in order to minimize the likelihood of illegal actions.

Objects can be very different:

  • shopping centers,
  • construction sites,
  • residential apartment buildings or cottage villages,
  • restaurants and recreation areas,
  • schools and universities.

Security measures offered by our private security company (Center for Commercial Security) include the following actions:

  • preliminary assessment of the object from the point of view of its safety, where its purpose is taken into account, the size of the protected area, the most vulnerable places are determined;
  • organization of access control;
  • patrolling the protected area according to a given schedule (in this case, accordingly, the number of patrolling guards, their equipment, weapons and equipment is selected);
  • installation of technical means of control: surveillance cameras, motion sensors, access control systems;
  • creation of stationary observation posts;
  • organization of a complete fire safety system with fire alarms, fire alerts and fire extinguishing means.

Trusting the commercial security center of your facility, you make the right choice - you can rely on us!

Address: Moscow, st. Goncharnaya, 12, struct. 8
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