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Wireless burglar alarm

Today, wireless burglar alarms are becoming an increasingly popular and affordable means of protecting private property.

Ambient temperature, water leakage, carbon monoxide level, video cameras, indoor and outdoor lighting, thermostats, garage doors and door locks - all this can be monitored and controlled from a single gateway using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The main advantages of wireless alarm systems:

  • Universality. Such systems can be mounted on various types of objects and buildings, regardless of the architectural complexity of the structures and the configuration of the protected sites. Systems can be installed within the coverage area of the gsm network by the operator.
  • Reliability. The operation of sensors and devices is protected against intentional external interference. The absence of fixed cables eliminates the risk of mechanical or intentional damage.
  • Non-volatility. Sensors and other devices contain batteries or accumulators; their operation does not depend on the availability of power supply in the network;
  • Saving. In the total estimated cost of installation work, the laying of stationary cables occupies a significant place.
  • Easy to install and configure. The whole system can be installed independently in just 2-3 hours without the involvement of specialists. No wiring or connecting radial loops.
Address: Moscow, st. Goncharnaya, 12, struct. 8
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